We will introduce frequently asked questions from our users.

Is there a key in the room?

Please have a look before you contact us. About the facilities

Q.When was the school building built?
A.It was built in 1999.

Q.How do I make a reservation?
A.Telephone reservation; please contact from HP.

Q.Can I use a credit card?
A.Credit card payment is possible on the day when the guest house is being used.

Q.Please let me know your check-in and check-out times.
A.Check-in time is between 15:00 and 22:00 and check-out time is at 10 AM. Please contact us in advance if check-in will be after 10pm.

Q.Is there a curfew?
A.Doors are open until 10pm. After 10pm, to prevent any crime, we lock up and the staff who are able to unlock will be absent.

Q.Is there a key in the room?
A.Password locking is installed at the entrance of each room.

Q.Do you offer meals?
A.No meal preparation is available. Since many of the eateries nearby are closed in the evening, we recommend that you purchase in advance or use the Kua Resort Yufunezawa (car transfer).

Q.Can I cook at the facility?
A.You can use the home economics room.

Q.Are there any shops, such as convenience stores, nearby?
A.Unfortunately, there are no shops such as convenience stores in the vicinity, so please do your shopping beforehand, around the station at which you arrive.

Q.Do you accommodate small children?
A.You can use a large room. A private dormitory is also available, but please note that it will be shared with guests using bunk beds.

Q.Can you keep my luggage before check-in / after check-out?
A.We will take care of your luggage

Q.Is parking available?
A.Available for free.

Q.Is it possible to rent a school building?
Please contact us in advance.

 Please contact the receptionist below for any questions.

 contact 馬籠ふるさと学校(magome furusato school)/Guest house gaku magome
Phone 0573-69-2011(From 9:00am. to 5:00pm.)
Mail contact form(24-hour)