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・If you need immediate assistance, please call me on my cell phone at 0573-69-2011.

This privacy policy specifies how to handle your personal information obtained by Magome Furusato School (hereinafter “Facility”) in order for you to be able to use Facility with security. We are strictly controlling your personal information for protecting your privacy by carefully handling it pursuant to this privacy policy.

Collection of Personal Information
The following information on those who reserve or stay at Facility is to be obtained in their use of Facility. Please note that the following items are just examples and therefore any of them might be missing, not need to be entered or not be regarded as personal information depending on its contents.

For Reservation
Phone Number
Company Name/Group Name
E-mail Address

Utilization Purpose of Personal Information
Personal information obtained by Facility will be used for:
(1) various services including reservation and your safety;
(2) the introduction, provision and management of services/products, events and promotional campaigns handled by Facility;
(3) the implementation of questionnaire surveys regarding Facility’s services, products, etc.;
(4) the development of new services and products handled by Facility;
(5) any businesses incidental and relating to the above items (1) through (4);
(6) the businesses regarding the provision of services and products of Facility; and
(7) the handling of inquiries, requests, etc.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Facility may disclose your personal information if:
(1) you give a consent to its disclosure and sharing;
(2) its disclosure and/or sharing is considered necessary for reserving a hotel room you need;
(3) a public agency (police and court, etc.) has made a referral to it based on the law;
(4) its disclosure is deemed necessary for protecting Facility’s rights against infringements such as your violation of our terms of service and/or guidelines, etc. in your using Facility; or
(5) its non-disclosure is considered to damage your or any third party’s life, body, property and/or any other rights and interests.

Control of Personal Information
We have been properly controlling your personal information and most carefully handling it for preventing its divulgation, loss, falsification or like. We will implement in-company programs to provide our officers and employees with education regarding the protection and appropriate handling of your personal information.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc.
In handling your personal information, we will comply with applicable laws and regulations, norms as well as our company rules.