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Magome-juku(Nakasendo Trail)



“Magome-juku” is an inn town (syukuba-machi) along Nakasendo where a lot of people come and go in the Edo Period. Traditional private residences, resource centers, souvenir shops and teahouses are standing side by side along the stone-paved street, still having a flavor of the Edo Period. Magome-juku is also famous as the place deeply associated with a Japanese literary giant Toson Shimazaki. Magome-juku has his birthplace currently renamed as “Toson Memorial Museum that used to be its officially approved inn. In 2009, “Tsumago & Magome-juku” acquired one star (☆) from Michelin Green Guidebook. Here is a popular sightseeing spot representing Nakasendo.





  1. 付知峡