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Tsumago-juku(Nakasendo Trail)


“Tsumago-juku” is the 42nd inn town along Nakasendo where many people run back and forth in the Edo Period. This is the first inn town in the nation which had engaged in activities for preserving its old streetscapes and accordingly was selected as one of the first important traditional building preservation districts of Japan. Its streetscape as if epitomizing Japan in the Edo Period is beautiful enough to make people obliged to call it a “Living Museum”. Michelin Green Guidebook ranked “Tsumago & Magome-juku” as one star (☆) place in 2009. The 8-kilometer mountain path from Tusumago-juku to Magome-juku has now become a popular hiking trail along which 20,000 people walk annually.

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  1. 付知峡
  2. 馬籠宿